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BBA Healthcare Management

Level: Graduate

Intake : 60 Seats

Assessment Pattern: Continuous assessment + Semester + Annual

Starting: July 2020

Study Mode: Full Time (3 Years)

Location: BBA campus, Near Shani Temple, Tathawade, Pune – 411033


Think of an industry that never has and never will face a recession despite any level of economic downtime. One that definitely crosses our mind is ‘Healthcare’.It is also backed by strong statistical evidence. Termed by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) as one of the largest sectors with respect to revenue and employment, the Indian healthcare sector is seemingly growing at a rate of 16.28GR between 2008 – 2022. Overall, the healthcare industry in India is expected to reach a size of $372 Billion by 2022. This industry comprises hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, diagnostic companies, etc.

Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, India will require 3,50,000 additional beds at its hospitals by 2025! Ayushman Bharat Scheme is a plan of the Indian Government to provide free healthcare facilities to economically backward people at government and private hospitals. According to the study, these additional 3,50,000 hospital beds will hospitalize about 1, 70,00,000 patients in a year. The biggest challenge to make these figures come to reality is to create a skilled workforce which is equipped to deal with the issues pertaining to the healthcare industry. Besides doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff, the industry also requires qualified health care management professionals.

BBA in Healthcare management course focuses on the healthcare sector.

BBA in Healthcare management in India is gaining immense importance. The Government of India is encouraging and supporting such courses and healthcare management colleges in India.

Shree Chanakya Education Society’s Indira Institute of Management has introduced BBA in healthcare management in Pune; a three-year bachelor degree program available for the candidates who are looking for a career in the healthcare industry. The course is strongly backed by Indira College of Pharmacy and renowned hospitals in Pune for skill enhancement.  The program trains students for evaluating, presenting and researching data related to healthcare management. The program also aims at providing students with changes and updates in the healthcare regulations, laws and technology. It prepares the students for “Careers of Tomorrow”.Training in the BBA in healthcare management aims at producing future leaders in healthcare management. BBA in healthcare management subjects includes some of the important topics like microeconomics, business statistics, marketing management, human resource management, consumer behaviour, clinical services and healthcare information systems. Besides this, the program also includes working on live projects and training. This specially designed healthcare management course takes into account industry needs, existing gaps and future requirements.

Scope of BBA in healthcare management is broad and extensive. Demand for healthcare management professionals is increasing day by day with the developing awareness of health and hygiene. Students who are seeking a rewarding career in management and operation side of the healthcare industry can opt for this rewarding career. On completion of this course, one can find employment opportunities in areas of pharmaceutical marketing, IT, human resource development, medical colleges, hospitals, health insurance, pharmaceutical industry and NGO’s.

If doctors are God, then healthcare management professionals are God’s best friends!!

If you are looking for a career where you can work towards the improvement of the medical infrastructure of the society and also grab a handsome pay package, healthcare management is just the right profession for you!

Course Objectives:

BBA Healthcare management is a programme that aims at equipping eligible candidates with expertise in researching, evaluating and presenting arguments and data that can help them in management or administration of hospitals and understand the changes in healthcare laws, regulations and technology. The healthcare management course is an excellent blend of management and healthcare functions, which makes it an application-based management programme.

  • To integrate healthcare ethics with business and industry knowledge.
  • To develop young dynamic professionals for managing healthcare organizations.
  • To provide intensive and practical knowledge of healthcare management.
  • To build knowledge, develop skills and expose students to real work situations in healthcare institutions.
  • To make students face managerial actions in healthcare-related industries or firms by projects & training.
  • To acquire and practice leadership and managerial skills that will positively affect performance as a healthcare manager.
  • To promote research in the field of healthcare and hospitals in order to improve the efficiency of health care delivery systems.
  • To promote the development of high-quality health care services.
  • To promote a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among health and hospital planners, academicians, administrators, various statutory bodies and the general public for the improvement of healthcare management and delivery.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To provide basic understanding about Management Education to the students and introduce them to the basics of the human body, diseases and general health and well-being
  • To make them understand the basics of accounting, finance and medical terminologies.
  • To make students able to critically evaluate healthcare practices, policies and theories by following the scientific approach to knowledge development.
  • To provide them with the understanding of the legalities, ethics in healthcare administration.
  • To acknowledge them regarding the various functions of administration of healthcare industry.
  • To demonstrate functions of planning, quality management and marketing in the healthcare scenario.
  • To provide them with the understanding of human resource management & customer relations importance.
  • To emphatically understand and provide patient care with resilience 



We are pleased to share with you all that IIMP has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation for 4th time for a period of three years . We are grateful to you all for your trust shown in the brand IIMP .
The journey of “Empowering Minds to Elevate Lives” continues.

The details of the BBA admission process are as follows: Application for participation in the BBA admission process 2020 is available online. Eligible candidates desiring BBA admission are required to apply online ( for appearing for selection process which will be conducted online. BBA admission will be granted to candidates based on the merit list. Candidates merit list will be prepared by taking into consideration their marks secured in 10th and 12th and performance in the personal interview conducted by IIMP. The distribution of weightage for different components will be as under

Sl No.


IGI Weightage


10th Marks



12th /Diploma Marks



Personal Interview


To know more about BBA Eligibility, BBA admission process and BBA admission fees candidates may call these no. 020-66759459/449/448, 9307559588/9552537767 or visit our campus on any working day at Tathawade, Pune


A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Degree course in Bachelor of Business Administration – shall have passed 12th Std. Examination (H.S.C. 10 +2) from any stream with English as passing subject and has secured at least 40% marks at 12th Std.


Three Years Diploma Course after S.S.C. i.e. 10th Standard of Board of Technical Education conducted by Government of Maharashtra or its equivalent.


Two Years Diploma in Pharmacy after H.S.C., of Board of Technical Education conducted by Government of Maharashtra or its equivalent.



We are pleased to share with you all that IIMP has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation for 4th time for a period of three years . We are grateful to you all for your trust shown in the brand IIMP .
The journey of “Empowering Minds to Elevate Lives” continues.

BBA in Healthcare Management

Semester I

Semester I 
Course Code  Credits  Course Type  Title  Marks  CCA  ETA 
101 4 GC  Principles and Practices of Management  100 50 50
102 4 GC  Business Communication Skills  100 50 50
103 4 GC  Financial Accounting and Cost accounting  100 50 50
104 4 GC  Business Economics(Micro)  100 50 50
105-A  4 GE  Business Mathematics  100 50 50
105-B  4 GE  Media and Psychology  100 50 50
105-C 4 GE  Human Body-Basics, Anatomy & Physiology 100 50 50
106 4 GC  Business Demography  100 50 50
107 2 SEC  Skill Enhancement Course-I(any one)  50 25 25

Semester II

Semester II 
Course Code  Credits  Course Type  Title  Marks  CCA  ETA 
201 4 GC  Business Organization and System  100 50 50
202 4 GC  Business Communication Skills-II  100 50 50
203 4 GC  Basics of Cost Accounting  100 50 50
204 4 GC  Business Economics(Macro)  100 50 50
205-A  4 GE  Evolution of Cinema  100 50 50
205-B  4 GE  Business Statistics  100 50 50
205-C 4 GE  Community Medicine & Epidemiology 100 50 50
206 4 GC  Principles of Marketing  100 50 50
207 2 SEC  Skill Enhancement Course-II(any one)  50 25 25

Semester III

Semester III
Course Code  Credits  Course Type  Title  Marks  CCA  ETA 
301 4 GC  Introduction to Indian Constitution 100 50 50
302 4 GC  E-business and Applications 100 50 50
303 4 SC  Financial Management 100 50 50
304 4 SC  Medical Terminology 100 50 50
305 3 SSE 1 Basics of Healthcare Management 100 50 50
306 3 SSE 2 IT in Business Management  100 50 50
307 2 SEC  Skill Enhancement Course-III(any one)  100 50 50

Semester IV

Semester IV 
Course Code  Credits  Course Type  Title  Marks  CCA  ETA 
401 4 GC  Business Laws  100 50 50
402 4 GC  Business Research Methods  100 50 50
403 3 GC  Environment and Sustainability 100 50 50
404 4 SC  Legal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare 100 50 50
405 4 SC  Health Care Technology 100 50 50
406 3 SSE 1 Healthcare Insurance & TPA Operations 100 50 50
407 2 SEC  Skill Enhancement Course-IV(any one)  100 50 50

Semester V

Semester V 
Course Code  Credits  Course Type  Title  Marks  CCA  ETA 
501 3 GC  Entreprenureship Development  100 50 50
502 3 SC  Principles of Hospital & Healthcare administration 100 50 50
503 3 SC  Hospital Planning, Design and Management 100 50 50
504A 3 SSE  Quality Management System 100 50 50
504B 3 SSE  Waste management & General Safety 100 50 50
504C 3 SSE Material management & Inventory Control 100 50 50
506 4 PW  Project Work -1 100 50 50

Semester VI

Semester VI 
Course Code  Credits  Course Type  Title  Marks  CCA  ETA 
601 4 GC  Strategic Management  100 50 50
602 4 SC  Customer Relationship Management  100 50 50
603 4 SC  Legal & Ethical issues in Healthcare 100 50 50
604 3 SSE  Working of healthcare Organizations 100 50 50
605 3 SSE  Global Healthcare Scenario 100 50 50
606 4 SOC  Project Work 2 (MOOCS)  100 50 50



We are pleased to share with you all that IIMP has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation for 4th time for a period of three years . We are grateful to you all for your trust shown in the brand IIMP .
The journey of “Empowering Minds to Elevate Lives” continues.

Career Opportunities:

Scope of BBA Healthcare Management / Career Opportunities:

Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare management offers a combined study of Business Administration and Healthcare and hospital management studies. BBA healthcare management scope extends right from economic analysis, accounting, marketing, healthcare administration, ethics and legalities and human resource management. The curriculum accommodates topics like healthcare and medical technology, principles of management, quality management systems etc. There is a focus on developing skills of students in both the areas – management fundamentals as well as an understanding of the healthcare sector. Subjects like Value Education and Enrichment Courses included in the program lend additional benefits. They make students ready for working in multi-national environments and develop them as all-round professionals.

BBA Healthcare management graduates can look for employment in the public and private sectors in the following areas:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • NGOs
  • Insurance firms
  • Healthcare consultancy firms
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Government Health departments
  • Medical Research Industry / Institute

Based on the acquired skills and knowledge through successful completion of BBA Healthcare Management Course, one has abundant career opportunities, a few have been mentioned below:

  •  Healthcare Manager
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Health Service manager
  • Hospitality Executive
  • Health Care Analyst
  • Pharmaceutical project manager
  • Healthcare finance manager
  • Medical office administrator
  • Healthcare quality manager
  • Healthcare administrator



We are pleased to share with you all that IIMP has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation for 4th time for a period of three years . We are grateful to you all for your trust shown in the brand IIMP .
The journey of “Empowering Minds to Elevate Lives” continues.

Our Facilities

IIMP campus is located on the new Bengaluru-Mumbai highway near Bhumkar chowk, Tathawade which has good connectivity to all parts of Pune city. It is 20 kms away from Pune railway station and about 16 kms from the Shivaji Nagar bus station. It is an ideal choice for students desirous for BBA admission in one of the best BBA colleges in Pune.


IIMP provides hostel facility to girl students within its campus itself. The hostel is nothing but "a home away from home for the girls” & is also safeguarded by the warden & security guards round the clock. Hostel accommodation to boy’s students is also available within walkable distance from the campus


The Institute has a Cafeteria, which is uniquely designed and located in the main campus. Cleanliness and hygiene are given immense importance here. Canteen authorities always make it a point to provide the hygienic and balanced food to the students so that they are better prepared to cope with the rigors of the course. Students relish on some delicious dishes, here, while having a chat or bonding with their friends. The dinning table is known to be witness to excellent assignments and presentation prepared by the students.

Classroom and Seminar Rooms

It has spacious classrooms enabled with modern audiovisual facilities and computer labs to facilitate digital learning. The classrooms have been equipped with facilities to conduct virtual class room sessions to ensure compliance with social distance and safety precautions The college has a 300 seater air-conditioned auditorium located in the main campus to facilitate seminars and sessions by industry speakers. This auditorium is also used by students for various activities like talent fest, traditional day, and induction session with new students. There are basketball, volleyball courts, gymnasium and infrastructure for other sports. It helps in distressing and maintaining physical and mental wellness.


The Library of the Institute has an excellent collection of reference, textbooks and encyclopedias related to the field of Management. Library has subscribed to all popular business news papers and magazines of India. The library is regularly updated by periodicals and journals. In addition to curriculum-related books, our library is also well stocked with books on general reading, self-help and motivational literature. Students will have full access to the library after their BBA admission and issue of smart cards by the institute.

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure also covers the latest licensed software for designing, editing and simulation of projects, statistical analysis and project presentation. Security (physical & data access) within the campus is administered via surveillance cameras and data access policies implemented via various servers using Microsoft Technology.

IIMP has dedicated computers labs with broad band connectivity to help students complete different task and presentation assigned to them. IGI has got the office365 communication platform for communication between students and faculty members. Students are assigned individual email-ids for their individual communication with the fellow students and faculty. Besides, IIMP has rolled our comprehensive ERP system which takes care of the entire student’s academics, examination and allied activities management during their stay at Indira.

Our Staff

Dr. Anjali Kalkar,
Dean UG Programs, IIMP BBA

Educational Qualification - M.A. (Music), M.Com, MBA (HR), MBA (Marketing), Ph.D (Business Administration)

Expert In – The field of commerce and has an Illustrious career of 20 years in the field of education and has also worked as BOS Chairman (Academic Council Member – SPPU) for BBM (IB) and BCA course.

Recipient of Award - “Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education” “ Karya Gaurav Puraskar”

Prof. Sonal Parmar

Educational Qualifications - BE(Instru), MMS – Marketing Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Advertising, Working on PHD in Retail store atmospherics

Expert in - Marketing and Advertising and Media.

Experience - 8+ years of corporate experience and 12+ in teaching experience.

Mrs. Sonia Jain

Educational Qualification – B.Ed ( Economics ), M.A ( Economics ), DMM, B.A. ( Economics Honors )

Expert In – Business Economics – Micro and Macro

Experience - She is the senior most faculty with 25+ years of teaching experience and has been one of the most influencing faculties.

Vasudha Agnohotri

Educational Qualification – B.E ( Electronics and Telecomunication) , MBA – ( HR & Marketing)

Expert in - Marketing and Advertising, she has been teaching various subjects like Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Advertising & Branding, Integrated Marketing Communication, Sales & Distribution management, Retail Management, Business Organization

Vishal Parmar

Educational Qualification - BE(Mech), MBA – Project Management Prince2, ITIL, PMP, AWS Cloud, Digital Marketing

Experience - 22+years of experience in varied industry domain – Information technology, Advertising, Marketing and Teaching.

Ms Trupti Jadhav

Educational Qualifications - M.Com, BS( Computer Science) USA and Qualified Communication Trainer.

Expert in - Business Communication, Creative Writing, Public speaking , Advanced Excel and Soft skills.

Experience - She is an ardent educationalist having more than 10 years of experience in academics.

Pranaav Jadhav

Educational Qualification - BA Communication (Journalism & Broadcasting), Minor in politicial science, Mississippi State University

Experience - An expert in journalism, broadcasting and television production. He has 6.5 years of professional work experience in the media industry in India and abroad.

Prof. Vaishali S. Kamerkar

Qualifications - MBA (Marketing), NET (Management )

An Expert in - Research Methodology, Marketing Research, Business Statistics, Business Maths, Data analytics

Experience - Teaching MBA, MCA, BBA and Mass Media students since 20 years

Dr. Chandrashekhar Joshi

Qualifications - Ph. D. in Hindi Film Noir

An Expert in – Indian Cinema, Understanding Cinema, Film Appreciation, Scriptwriting, evolution of cinema.

Experience – With over 25+ years of total experience in film industry. He has over 15+ Years of teaching experience and a Film Professional and critic for 10+ years in the industry.


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