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BBA Course Guide: Eligibility, Admission, Fees, Scope, Career, Subjects & More!

Published on February 17, 2021 | Leave a response

Indira Institute of Management, Pune BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a career-oriented course designed for early career professionals.

Our BBA gives a solid understanding of business administration of the functional areas of business with a specialization in Banking & Financial Services, Digital Business & Marketing, Mass Media Management, and Healthcare Management.

What is a BBA course?

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a three-year undergraduate course for students who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills. BBA offers a perfect blend of business management subjects and its allied fields of study. BBA is generally the preferred course for candidates who have passed standard, XII.

BBA course is open for candidates for all three streams – Science, Arts and Commerce. By choosing to pursue BBA, students will develop a spirit of entrepreneurship and open the doors of opportunities in the public and private sectors.

If you’re looking to find all about BBA in India, this BBA course guide is a bibble for you. In this blog, we will cover primary factors such as eligibility, admission process, fee structure, scope of BBA, career after BBA, curriculum, subjects, and much more.

BBA Course Highlights

BBA at IIMP is designed with an understanding of the needs of global business. Here, we will delve into deeper depths of understanding much more into the course highlights.

BBA Full Form  The full form of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration.
BBA Course Level  BBA is an Undergraduate course for students who have passed the twelfth (12th) standard.
BBA Duration  BBA is a three-year full-time course
BBA Eligibility ●     Students who have passed H.S.C. examination from any stream with English as passing subject and has secured at least 40% marks.

●     Three Years Diploma Course after S.S.C. from Maharashtra Board of Technical Education or it’s equivalent.

●     Two Years Diploma in Pharmacy after H.S.C. of Maharashtra Board of Technical Education or it’s equivalent.

BBA Course Average Fee The average course fee for BBA starts from 1 lakh INR onwards.
BBA Examination Type Here is a list of some of the popular BBA entrance exams: GGSIPU CET BBA, AIMA UGAT, CUET, DU JAT, NMIMS NPAT, SET, IPMAT, IBET.
BBA Admission Process Stage 1: Registration

Candidates to fill up the online registration form for the entrance examination
Stage 2: Entrance Examination Centers

Appear for exams at BBA Entrance Examination centres in your city

Stage 3: Merit List for Admission

Selected candidates will be affirmed via merit list

BBA Average Starting Salary The average BBA salary is INR 5lakhs per annum
BBA Top Recruiting Companies Students can get placements in companies like HDFC, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Wipro Technologies, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Deutsche Bank, etc.

5 Benefits of Choosing a BBA Degree?

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is the most popular business UG management course worldwide. Therefore developing the understanding of business, and how it all fits together puts you at an advantage. Not just personally but professionally too. Here are the 5 benefits of studying a BBA course below:

  1. Leadership & Management

In this course, you will learn the key characteristics and range of styles of management that are employed in a modern-day workplace. With enough knowledge and proper qualification, one will be able to start and manage his own business.

  1. Business Strategies

By having a business strategy you’ll be able to define the direction of your business. You’ll also be able to set clear objectives and confidently define ways to achieve them. BBA will provide you the practical knowledge you need to succeed.

  1. Better Career Opportunities

Students with a BBA qualification have a higher opportunity of obtaining and getting an intermediate management position in the market. You’ll also be expanding your knowledge base and increasing marketability.

  1. Develop Communication Skills

In leadership, “communication is key”. Developing communication skills is crucial in business management, which you’ll learn in BBA. This skill is remarkably beneficial because it can be implemented in all areas of life, even outside of the business.

  1. Learn Business Traits

Similar to learning communication skills through practice, there are several business traits which can be learnt on the job. To lead people, you need to be able to lead yourself. So the experience you gain in leadership will enhance the lessons you learn.

Future Demand & The Scope of BBA Course In India

BBA is more than just a degree. It is a gateway into the world of business. Although some may think that BBA is just a precursor to an MBA, it is much more. Whether you want to launch your own business or work with a business establishment, a BBA will give you a solid foundation of how a business works.

India is a young country with half its population under 25 years of age and boasts of steady economic growth at 7.8 percent. So, it is clear that the new generation is much more focussed to pursue a degree which helps them evolve and present their knowledge towards the economic growth of the country. The scope and future demand for BBA will never cease, it is only going to increase. As a BBA graduate, you can choose to work in the private sector, join a government job, or start-up your company. You can also choose to advance your studies by enrolling for an MBA or a PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) for higher career opportunities.

Few of the many career opportunities after BBA coming your way are:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Sales & Marketing Executive
  • Human Resources
  • Operations Management
  • Digital Marketer
  • Startup
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Media Planner
  • Advertising Director
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Event Management
  • Journalist
  • News producer
  • News Editor
  • Broadcast presenter
  • Film director
  • Location manage

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What Is The BBA Course Duration?

BBA is a full-time, three-year degree course divided into 6 semesters.

This degree provides a fundamental education in business and management principles. The BBA course allows students to specialize in a chosen specialization areas, such as international business, finance, real estate, computer information systems, marketing or accounting, and beyond. BBA course offers practical management training which prepares students to work within a large or small organization.

BBA Course Average Fees In India

BBA course fees in private universities and IIMs are higher than the BBA course fee in University colleges. Typically, a BBA course fee in India is between 1 to 5 Lakhs which depends on various factors.

One way you can evaluate the fee of a BBA course is by considering the location of the college, student-teacher ratio, college facilities and amenities, pedagogy structure, foreign tours, tuition fees, and beyond.

Eligibility Criteria For BBA Course In India

BBA Eligibility criteria may differ from each college or University. However, a few standard qualifying factors to enroll for BBA in India are:

  • Age: Candidate should be of maximum 20 years of Age.
  • Qualifying Exam: Candidate should have passed Class 12/HSC or equivalent examination with 40% marks and English should be one of the subjects.
  • Final Year Students: Students who are likely to complete standard XII/ HSC or equivalent by the end of June 30, 2021, can also apply

BBA Admission Process in India

To enrol for any of the BBA colleges of India, you must fill the application form for the various BBA entrance examinations. After you’ve secured a valid score, a merit list is prepared on the basis of the entrance exam and minimum qualification. Based on the candidate’s rank, the final BBA Admissions 2021 will be granted. Here’s the complete admission procedure of BBA Admissions 2021.

  • The eligible candidates can fill the application form for the respected BBA entrance examination. In order to fill the application form, the candidate should have qualified for the intermediate class with a minimum of 40% aggregate marks. The application can be downloaded online or also available along with the prospectus.
  • The examination will be conducted which covers basically the commerce sections
  • The cutoff will be disclosed by the official exam authorities. The cutoff is the minimum marks that are obligatory to score.
  • The merit list will be prepared by the exam officials where the ranks are assigned to the qualified candidates.
  • As per rank and the availability of the seats, a candidate will be called for the counselling procedure.
  • After the allocation of seats, the documents are verified and the BBA Admissions 2021 will be finalized.

Expected Average Salary After Graduation in BBA

Have you dreamt of becoming an important part of the managing team in a firm or corporation? Do you want to start your career journey but didn’t want to wait until you got your MBA? Well, a BBA degree (Bachelor of Business Administration) is the best way to start. When it comes to salary expectation, a fresh graduate can expect a start from 4.5 Lakhs annually, which can be periodically appraised by the company norms.

However, one can consider the average salary starting point on the basis of their career journey as below:

  • Entry Level- 4.5 Lakhs
  • Mid-Level-6 Lakhs
  • Top-Level-10 Lakhs

*These salary updates are variable from time to time.

A hard-working candidate can expect to rise up ladders quickly and become the team lead or manager in four to five years. To determine if you are rightly paid, you need to know that salaries vary across locations, industries, and company sizes. As a rule, larger companies pay their employees more than smaller companies because larger companies have greater spheres of influence and higher revenues per employee.   

List of Top 10 BBA Specializations in India

Students interested in getting their BBA from India have many options to choose from. With a variety of specializations offered for BBA in different business sectors, there is a BBA degree available for anyone who wants to enhance their business management CV. The following are the top BBA specializations in India.

  1. BBA in Human Resource
  2. BBA in Banking & Financial Services
  3. BBA in Information Technology
  4. BBA in Digital Business & Marketing
  5. BBA in Healthcare Management
  6. BBA in Mass Media Management
  7. BBA in Foreign Trade
  8. BBA in Hospitality & Hotel Management
  9. BBA in International Business
  10. BBA in Travel & Tourism Management

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 BBA Course Syllabus and Subjects in India

As discovered, a BBA course is a start point for a student who wants to pursue management education, and then goes on for higher education courses like MBA & PGDM. A BBA is a full-time course for 3 years divided into 6 semesters with following BBA course subjects tabulated below. The BBA course subjects concentrate on business and management skills and interpersonal skills as well.

BBA Subjects and BBA Syllabus – 1st Semester BBA Subjects and BBA Syllabus – 2nd Semester
Business Communication Skills Effective Communication I
Principles Of Management I Managerial Economics I
Financial Accounting Introduction to Mass Communication
Media and Psychology Principles of Management II
Computer Applications Management Accounting I
BBA Subjects and BBA Syllabus – 3rd Semester BBA Subjects and BBA Syllabus – 4th Semester
Media Law and Ethics Quantitative Methods in Business II
Management Accounting II Managerial Economics II
Business Environment Financial Management I
Avenues of Film Making Effective Communication II
Project Work Human Resource Management II
Streams of Journalism Digital Imaging
BBA Subjects and BBA Syllabus – 5th Semester BBA Subjects and BBA Syllabus – 6th Semester
BBA Course Subjects of Study BBA Course Subjects of Study
Operations Management Environment Management
Marketing Management International Marketing
Direct Taxes Export/Import Management
Indirect Taxes Public Relations Management
Research Methodology in Management Project Management
News Paper Production Film Making

To know the syllabus structure and subjects of Indira Institute of Management BBA, visit here.

What Are The Career Opportunities After a BBA Degree in India?

What after BBA? We always get this questioned by students and their kin. If you’re finding your interest piqued towards the world of business, having a BBA qualification could be the best way to progress your career. Not only could it enhance your career prospects and salary expectations, but it’ll also enable you to network with a diverse range of people. Here are the top career opportunities after a BBA degree in India.

  1. Data Scientist

“Data scientist ?” Yes, you read it right! Many students have this delusion that data science is for tech graduates, but it’s quite not it. You can pursue becoming a data scientist with a BBA degree! As a Data Scientist, you can make better-informed decisions, create strategies, and help produce the best outcomes.

  1. Join Public Services (UPSC)

A popular career choice among BBA graduates is government jobs. You can prepare for the prestigious Union Public Service Commission’s exam for civil services. Upon selected, you can find your job profile under civil services, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Foreign Service, and others.

  1. Become a Digital Marketer

One of the most popular career options after BBA is Digital marketing. As the industry has evolved by exploring the online marketing frontier, the importance of digital marketers has experienced a spike. So, you can think of becoming the best digital marketing specialists or strategist after BBA.

  1. Product Manager

There is a huge demand for product managers nowadays. This may be the right time for you as a  BBA graduate to explore career opportunities under this domain. As product managers tackle product development and implementation over the life of the product, your experience of Business and Management will enable you to make progress in this area.

  1. Entrepreneur

Become a job creator rather than a job seeker. Why not make use of your business mind and become an entrepreneur of the millenial? If you have the knack for innovation, and financial and business acumen, you can plan your career in Entrepreneurship.

  1. Social Media Specialist

Love to spend time on social media?become a specialist and create content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to build an audience and ensure customer engagement. The Specialist may also monitor site metrics, respond to reader comments, and oversee creative design.

  1. Branding Officer/Public Relations Officer

Become responsible for adapting a brand strategy for a company’s target market.As a branding officer maintain brand integrity across all company marketing initiatives and communications, and to achieve this position employers might expect you to have a degree in Business,with Communication Studies.

  1. Social Media Specialist

Love to spend time on social media?become a specialist and create content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to build an audience and ensure customer engagement. The Specialist may also monitor site metrics, respond to reader comments, and oversee creative design.

  1. News presenter/Journalist/Radio Jockey

We all have that favourite news presenter/RJ who we adore,become one and enjoy the same stardom and fame.Make a successful career in  Broadcasting and blogging,Vblogging and Podcasting

  1. Advertising/Film industry

Join the audio and visual form of marketing communication which aims at promoting and selling products and fiction stories.Become a part of the largest entertainment industry of the world

List of the Top Employers for BBA Graduates in India

On gaining a BBA qualification, top companies and organizations tap into the large pool of BBA students for employment. These include companies that represent a wide breadth of industries from across the country, including those in the Fortune 500. Some of the top employers who hire BBA graduates in India are:

  1. Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail
  2. Amazon
  3. Asian Paints
  4. Axis Bank
  5. Bajaj Allianz
  6. Blue Dart
  7. Capgemini
  8. Flipkart
  9. Hindustan Unilever Ltd
  10. Mahindra
  11. Times Group
  12. Zee Media
  13. Sony TV
  14. Mudra Group
  15. Public Media Solution
  16. Big Fm

What To Do After BBA?

For students who have completed their BBA, the ‘what after BBA’ question can make all the difference between a good career and a great one. There are many courses to be pursued after completing BBA. Here, we’ll look into some of the best choices after BBA.

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  3. Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  4. Chartered Accountant
  5. PGD in Banking

FAQs About Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Are you still in two thoughts? Have a few ongoing questions in mind? Well, here we are, putting an end to your queries and questions. We’ve answered a few of the many FAQs about BBA course below.

  1. What can I do after BBA?

After the completion of a BBA degree, you can choose to study further by doing an MBA or PGDM. Alternatively, you can also opt to begin your career as an executive, analyst, or even become an entrepreneur.

  1. Can an Arts student do a BBA course?

Yes, you can. Whether you have done your school with arts or humanities or science, you are free to choose the BBA course.

  1. Is BBA a good course?

BBA course can be just as good as an MBA. Besides, doing a BBA course, you are opening up opportunities of learning the world of business and also being job-ready at the same time.

  1. Can a science student do BBA?

Yes, you can do BBA from any other college even if you are from science college. BBA course is open for any stream in 10+2.

  1. Are there any entrance exams for BBA in India?

Yes, there are entrance exams  for BBA in India. Most popular ones are GGSIPU CET BBA, AIMA UGAT, CUET, DU JAT, NMIMS NPAT, SET, IPMAT, IBET.

  1. What is BBA Hons?

Hons. or Bachelor of Business Administration Honours is an undergraduate Business management academic degree course.

  1. Is BBA and BMS the same?

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and BMS stands for Bachelor of Management Studies. These two courses are similar in nature as some universities give go by the name BBA and BMS.

A thriving job after BBA awaits you!

As per LinkedIn report, the competition for jobs in India is 30% higher in 2020 than last year.  The job scenario in the country saw a recovery at a 12 per cent year-on-year growth rate in August 2020, according to LinkedIn’s labour market data.

Thus, the year 2021 has opened its arm to welcome business graduates to re-balance the economy, innovate with their business-minded skills and lead the organization with the acquired business acumen.

Get your BBA at a top tier business management colleges in India

Our BBA is designed for a new generation of ambitious business professionals with a truly international outlook. Featuring specialist pathways, the course reflects your career aspirations, it equips you to become a successful manager and an inspiring leader.

Get started to innovate, challenge and lead change with Indira Institute of Management, Pune.

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