Top Specializations in BBA Course

Top Specializations in BBA Course

Come March and April months, with the declaration of board results being just around the corner, students get busy in choosing their career options after HSC or 12th. Gone are those days when students had limited options to choose from. Today, there is an umpteen number of career choices for students after 12th. Indeed, it’s a problem of plenty and that further compounds the problem of deciding which one to go for.

The conventional graduation courses like BA and BSc don’t assure of employment opportunities whereas contemporary courses like BBA course do assure of placement opportunities.  Therefore, one of the most preferred choice after 12th or HSC, for a successful career is BBA. While one talks of BBA i.e. Bachelors of Business Administration, there again one is confronted with multiple specializations.

While one can decide specializations based on one’s interest and aptitude, how does one get a larger sense or a futuristic view of the sector or domain that one is interested in? Well, we would just help simplify the matter of what matters the most i.e. choosing the right specialisations.

To begin with, one of the ways to go about this is- look at the structure of the Indian economy. Out of the three sectors of GDP, it is the services sector which contributes the most and the contribution is increasing over the years. This shows the Top Specializations in BBA Course in terms of employment opportunity which includes, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Digital business, IT and Media etc.

Bachelors of Business Administration(BBA) in Banking and Financial Services

With the Jan DhanYojna launched by GOI and rising level of income, more and more people are being included in the banking system. This will mean the further expansion of banking and other financial services into the rural part of the country. So that way banking and financial services is a very futuristic domain because it is all about money and this sector will continue to grow rapidly. Students having specialized in Banking and Finance can look forward to entry-level jobs in branches and area offices of banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies.

Bachelors of Business Administration(BBA) in Mass Media Management

The age that we are living in is called the information age wherein information and content is getting generated at a pace like never before. This is because of the rapid proliferation of media houses- both print, electronic and digital. This is a blessing for all those who aspire to make a career in mass media. After 3 years of BBA (Mass Media Management), one can look forward to employment in content development, proofreading, media planning, scriptwriting, PR and corporate communication and so on.

Bachelors of Business Administration(BBA) in Digital Business and Marketing

With the boom in internet technology and increasing smartphone penetration, the traditional business is going digital at a very rapid pace. Companies are busy chalking out their digital business and marketing strategy. Therefore, there is a greater need for trained resources by business organizations to meet out their larger business goals. Students trained in digital business and marketing can start careers in digital marketing companies and marketing department of companies. Besides, one can also kick start startup ventures in the digital marketing area. As far as sectors are concerned, all sectors of the economy are literally switching to digital marketing which is a good opportunity for career seekers after their BBA.

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