Why PGDM Course is Better Option for Your Post Graduation?

Management education as a separate discipline in India started formally with the establishment of the university’s postgraduate studies since the early 1950s. Management education’s significance can be seen from the fact that as an emerging economy, economic growth and subsequent socio-economic progress are now heavily dependent on organizations and industries. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses very aptly meet the requirements of Industry with respect to the contemporary skills required by students who graduate from the PGDM course. PGDM Course transforms students by inculcating the right behavioural and managerial skills in them and make them Industry ready. Merely having technical skills will not aid in the economic development of our nation; having managerial skills is equally important rather imperative.

A good PGDM course would focus on imparting not just theoretical knowledge but also the practical knowledge to aspiring managers of tomorrow. The holistic development of students, equal importance to head (knowledge acquired, analytical skills, decision-making skills), heart (attitude displayed by individual, behaviours required to be a responsible human being, interpersonal behaviours) and hands (skills that individual possess and how these skills are applied in practice) is the hallmark of a progressive management course. Taking admission in the right PGDM course is a good beginning of a bright career. The curriculum of the PGDM course is revised periodically to make it apt for the latest trends and Industry needs.

PGDM course of Indira Group of Institutes is very well known for its quality of inputs and placement records. At Indira, we understand that we have a responsibility towards contributing to the education ecosystem of India; thus, we put our best foot forward in inculcating value-based leadership in our students. PGDM course at Indira gives students a platform to implement what they learn in classrooms. PGDM course at Indira is customized as per the different domain needs of each specialization.

PGDM course at Indira focuses on building a robust Industry-Academia interface so that students can learn directly from those who are making a positive change to Industry’s landscape. Indira hosts international level summit, conferences, seminars, and competitions for students of PGDM course wherein people from all walks of life and different sectors of Industry come together to share their experiences with leaders of tomorrow. At Indira, it is believed that we are not just making managers but shaping leaders who are going to paint a beautiful picture of our promising tomorrow.

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