How to select the best PGDM Institute?


How to select the best PGDM Institute?

“The most frustrating part is the vast amount of information about b-schools, applications, and changes that are out there. It’s been hard to sift through and really figure out which b-school is fit for me and what my chances are.”

  • A Google reviewer

Does this flashback to you?

There are thousands of applicants in search of the perfect b-school in India who will sift through the web, listen to Chinese whispers, or pay a hefty amount to consultants to select that one PGDM institute that offers a valued business degree. So, how do you choose one? What are the non-negligible parameters to choose a b-school in India?

How to select the best PGDM institute in Pune?

Whilst studying PGDM in Pune can open a world of possibilities for you, to succeed in the global job market you’ll need to learn how to stand out among the crowds of students graduating each year. For students looking to study business, Pune is an Education Hub, the Oxford of the East, having a rich legacy in education. An additional factor is close proximity to Mumbai, home to the leading institutes of management and blue-chip companies.

If you’ve decided on your academic goals, here are our top things to look for in a business school.

  • Post PGDM goals

Understanding your post PGDM goal is not optional! You must clarify why you want to spend your time and money pursuing a PGDM before applying. Be sure that you relate your desired achievements or actions to a specific function within a specific industry. Indira gives you a flexible platform to explore your entrepreneurship dream through a series of activities such as Indiaprenure and Career and Leadership Development Programme (CLDP).

  • Business school rankings

Each student must spend time on assessing how the business school rankings are determined and presented, and what makes a PGDM program superior. This will help you ascertain during applying to programs and knowing what to expect. As you are exposed to the evolving business world, it is important to consider the program offerings from top business schools.

  • Course structure

You must well understand the strengths, program requirements, and unique characteristics and opportunities of top business schools. As you determine your interests in the ever-changing business world, consider the variety of offerings from the top undergraduate business schools or in the best MBA programs.

  • Geographical location

The location of a business school must be more than just an address and a pretty campus. The location of the institute plays a huge role in your academic life if it is leveraged at the right location to improve the educational experience. When researching business schools and programs, ask:

  1. How is does the location provide a practical experience?
  2. Are there opportunities to work within the area and the industry?
  3. Are there any internship opportunities available around the campus?
  • Placements

Your first job is important. So, instead of worrying whether you will get a job in one of your dream companies, channelize your anxiety into preparing for a successful placement. Today, all competent b-schools offer placements so it is up to you to choose multiple paid/unpaid internships across graduation.

  • Fee structure

The fee is one of the decisive factors for selecting the right B-School. As the PGDM admission season ushers, aspirants need to know about the fee they have to pay for their selected program. You must know the fee amount so that you can analyze the ROI factor.

  • Campus life

You need to be able to explore co-curricular interests—for learning, enjoyment, and personal satisfaction. Student life should always be satisfying and rewarding to students, as well as to alumni, faculty, staff, and community members. Together, these groups are an institution’s lifeblood. At Indira, our Outdoor Management Training (OMT) program promotes the holistic development of the student through a series of adventure and outdoor experiences like trekking, rappelling, rock-climbing, canoeing, while living-off the land.

How INDIRA defines itself as the best b-school in Pune

Indira brings together global knowledge, immersive culture, and umpteen placement opportunities to ensure that you lead your resume with a recognized degree, a global business outlook, and a network that will accelerate your career journey.

In a recent survey conducted by Business India, Indira School of Business Studies (ISBS) has been ranked 28th and Indira Institute of Management, Pune (IIMP) has been ranked 31st under the top 35 B-schools in India. If you’re a prospective student, learn more about what sets up apart from other B-Schools around the country here and register for the Indira Common Admission Process (ICAP) test.

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