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BA Journalism Or BBA in Mass Media? Which Is It The Right Choice?

Published on March 18, 2023

BA Journalism Or BBA in Mass Media? Which Is It The Right Choice?

Are you thinking about a career in the media? But I'm having trouble deciding between BA journalism and BBA mass communication. Students who want to pursue careers in media and communication frequently face this conundrum. Under the general heading of "mass communication," various forms of journalism, PR, advertising, film production, and management, etc. are all included. Journalism, on the other hand, aims to inform the public about current events and news of the world. Despite their differences, journalism and mass communication both emphasize the creation of reliable information, which can often make it difficult for students to choose which subject to enroll in. Through our special blog on BA Journalism Vs. BBA Mass Communication, let's compare these two fields.

What are mass media and journalism?

BA Journalism is the practice of acquiring, evaluating, producing, and disseminating news and information. The study of information dissemination to a large audience via various communication methods is known as mass communication. We are all connected through various forms of communication, and journalism and mass communication encompass all of this. These two disciplines have combined in recent years to form an interactive idea that affects almost every facet of daily living.

In a BA Journalism course, students learn how to choose, transmit, and organize the news that must reach the general public for their knowledge and education.

While a course on mass media teaches students how to disseminate information and make it accessible to the general public.

Journalism's goal is to: Refers to a technology that can be utilized to reach a big audience. The most popular platforms are radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines. The general public uses the media for news on entertainment, politics, and other topics.

The aim of mass communication is: It is the procedure used by an organization to transmit information across numerous channels. Print, social media, and broadcast TV are among its distribution platforms. Examples of PR and advertising.

Mass media versus journalism: subjects

Knowing the themes covered during the course's duration is the best approach to judge whether it is a perfect course. The popular subjects that fall under the category of journalism and mass communication are listed below.

Mass Media Courses

Bachelors Subjects
UG Subjects
  • Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Event management
  • Film making
  • Documentaries
  • Radio Broadcasting (Community and Commercial)
  • Digital Media
  • Brand Planning and Management
PG Subjects
  • Introduction To Mass Communication
  • Media History
  • Design and Graphics
  • Making Of News Bulletin
  • Soft Skills
  • Workshop On Social Media
  • Media Laws
  • Writing for Media
  • Political Communication
  • Media and Communication Research
  • Political Communication
  • Reporting and Editing
  • Advertising and Communication
Journalism Courses Subjects
  • Digital Photography and Videography
  • Broadcast Journalism: Radio and Television
  • Digital marketing
  • International Communication
  • Public Relation and Corporate Communication
  • International Relations
  • Environmental Studies
  • Tv Production Lab
  • Digital Media Making Of News Bulletin
  • Soft Skills Workshop On Social Media
  • Documentary Project
  • Advertising Principles And Practices
  • Radio Production Lab

A degree in BA journalism or BBA in mass communication gives you the chance to work in a stimulating workplace with colleagues who motivate you to be the best in your industry. These topics are becoming more and more popular, and as a result, many work opportunities are emerging. The reasons why journalism and mass communication should be your next professional choice include the following:

  • Rewarding career
  • Broaden your network
  • Social prestige
  • Travel and gain new experiences
  • Ample career opportunities
  • Social networking
  • Glamour
  • Brings creativity
  • Gain skills
  • Freelancing

The digital age presents rich job opportunities in journalism and mass communication, as well as for those who want to support social causes and strengthen underdeveloped communities. Let's quickly review what a profession in journalism and mass media entails:

Mass Communication CareersJournalism Careers
Film MakerEditors
Film DirectorReporters
Public Relations OfficerTravel Journalism
Sound Mixer and Sound RecorderColumnists
Script Writer Correspondents
Camera Person Staff or Freelance Writers
Special CorrespondentPhotojournalists
TV CorrespondentProof-readers
CinematographerNews Analysts
Radio Jockey/ RJIllustrator

The media and entertainment industry has obviously bright futures, and as has previously been mentioned, it employs millions of people. Yet, in order to shine brightly, you must also have strong communication and interpersonal skills in addition to a thorough knowledge of all fields. Revolutions must be embraced quickly because this sector frequently experiences speedy change.

There are many mass communication schools in Pune that provide degrees in the field. Nevertheless, very few colleges actually provide their students with the education they need to have prosperous jobs.

For instance, the IIMP BBA provides students with integrated graduate courses in mass communication and thoroughly and practically trains them in the relevant abilities. In addition to understanding the topic, students also build communication skills that allow for them a competitive edge in the workplace. Please get in touch with us to learn more about this top college for mass communication in Pune.

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