“In the world, everything has changed except the teaching method” this is a common misconception always making rounds. However, the education system is most adoptive in its nature. When the COVID19 is hitting hard across the world, the education system cannot be an exception. This adoptive nature has helped the education system to pass on the knowledge with the same rigor to the students across geographic locations.

Having said so, to maintain the quality, educational institutes have to face many challenges. At Indira Institutes of management, we have tried our level best to overcome all these challenges.

At IIMP quality learning in online mode is made possible by harnessing technology to provide a rich, immersive, and holistic learning experience to MBA students.  Institute uses Quality On-line Learning, Planed Active and participative Learning, Collaborative Learning to support students in understanding the subject well

The challenge is to be handled at two ends. Infrastructural and teaching-learning methodology.  To impart the knowledge through online mode we require supportive technology. This includes various software, appropriate platforms where sessions will be conducted. It will also require a studio lecture room equipped with instruments and gadgets like a good quality camera, soundproof environment, Storage devices, and server room to name a few.

Online content- This will include eBook, Case studies, videos, and other teaching material in soft copy format.

Evaluation – Online teaching brings one more challenge is of evaluations. Evaluating students in online mode on regular basis to assess if they are able to achieve the desired level of proficiency in the subject is a great challenge. We cannot use the same conventional evaluation methods. New methods to be developed which are more user friendly in the online format.

Teaching pedagogy- The teachers need to prepare a teaching pedagogy that is more engaging and also supporting the online mode of teaching. The limitation of the online mode is the physical distance between teacher and students. This limitation is to be overcome by making pedagogy more participative. Methods to be created to monitor participation. Apart from this s teacher also need to understand the psychological and physical stress students goes through during online course delivery. A well-defined session and evaluation plan made keeping in mind all the above points will help the teacher as well as the learner.

Infrastructural challenges – Availability of Laptop, the smartphone is prerequisite but that’s not enough. One required a good network and high-speed Internet to work on this smartphone. The

When Institutes are well equipped with the required infrastructure learners should also be ready at their end to receive the online education. This may include the availability of a Laptop, smartphone which is a prerequisite but that’s not enough. One required a good network and high-speed Internet to work on this smartphone.

While taking an MBA admission and asking about MBA course details, students should also ensure the online teaching facility.

A good collaboration from both institutes as well as leaner will make online education a more productive, enriching, and enjoyable journey.

In these challenging times- Indira Group of Institutes and IIMP is doing its best to ensure quality education through various innovative ways like – organizing the Indira Leadership Lecture series, HR awards, sessions by industry experts, etc. The methodology of teaching-learning has certainly changed but the outcome has not.

If you are an aspiring MBA student- you can trust IIMP.

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