Developing employability skills: Holistic approach at PGDM !!!

Developing employability skills: Holistic approach at PGDMCampus placement is the major milestone for students in postgraduate management education which marks the beginning of a new world for students of PG management programs to the corporate world.  The PGDM program works to create awareness and skills updates of students mapping them to the expectation from the industry/corporate world. The industry looks to hire candidates with ‘Employability Skills.’ We create awareness from the very beginning about the same and through this blog, we bring to you a glimpse of to same.

Employability skills as defined by the job search portal Indeed are transferrable skills that are useful in nearly every job. They involve the development of expertise, knowledgebase, or mind-set that makes an individual more attractive to employers. These are often known as employment skills, soft skills, work-readiness skills, or foundational skills. These skills are often said to improve an individual’s performance, minimize errors, and promote collaboration with co-workers, enabling individuals to perform the desired role more effectively.’

What one fails to realize is that these said skills may not be a part of the job description. With the current trend in work from home scenarios, preparation for a meeting simply does not means that you sorted with facts and figures; it also requires the individual to be well dressed and groomed before joining the online schedule, this though not mentioned or discussed anywhere is the need of the hour.

PGDM program at Indira Institute of Management PGDM ensures that our students are equipped with such skills; one such essential skill is communication; both in terms of written and verbal, students are trained to understand and imbibe this essential skill which gives them an edge, whether it be negotiation skills, attending PI over the telephone, writing professional emails, etc.

Body language training is covered in special modules as some 80% of communication is through body language. Mind and brain exercises and tips expose students to the skill of stress-free living and handling adverse situations.

Our PGDM course has adopted a unique learning methodology of Outdoor Management Training (OMT}. OMT is not only full of fun but it also had loads of hidden teachings, such as teamwork, problem-solving strategies, decision making, leadership, conflict management, negotiation, dealing with change, and communication to name a few.  Session on Group discussions helps the learner to understand the importance of being well-read, pitching in one’s idea fearlessly, grabbing on the opportunity to participate in the discussion, or else risk being left out; which is quite similar in the real world.

Interaction with the industry is also essential; industrial visits, webinars, international summits, guest sessions by industry experts, alumni interactions; all of these serve as a platform to interact and understand from time to time the requirements related to employability.

The syllabus of PGDM institutes focuses not only on achieving academic excellence but also on ensuring that its students are role models of the overall development. The idea of the PGDM course is to ensure student’s readiness to join the workforce; therefore the onus lies with the students to make most of the concepts and participate whole-heartedly in the activities planned.   From a unique elaborate Induction schedule to final convocation a basket of skills input awaits for those who are determined to make the world know: “They have arrived”.

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