Talentine 2k18

Report on Talentine-2018

Talentine event is conducted at Indira Institute of Management every year to showcase talent of individuals who get admitted to the MBA and PGDM courses. The idea behind Talentine is to give students a platform to showcase their talent  through singing, dancing and acting. The event is performed by first year students and co-ordinated by the second year students.

This year, Talentine -2018 was held on 15th September 2018. Tto encourage students it was decided to open up the platform with stand-up comedy and Shayaris.

Following performances were held this year Classical Dance

  1. Bollywood Dance
  2. Singing
  3. Hip hop Dance
  4. Drama
  5. Stand Up Comedy
  6. Theme Dance
  • Classical Dance:

The classical dance form for this year’s Talentine was Kathak. The dance was performed by first year girls and theme for their classical dance was based on the stories and life of Lord Krishna.

  • Bollywood Dance

The Bollywood song was a perfect blend of old songs and new ones. The performance was full of energy and enthusiasm and it reverberated throughout the audience.

  • Singing

Singing has always been the medium to connect and win the hearts of the audience. The singers of 1st year through their melodious voices sang several songs which enthralled the audience and made them sway with the tunes.

  • Hip Hop Dance

One of the most ingenious performances of the day was the tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The dancers performed on one of MJ’s most iconic number, “Smooth Criminal.” This performance was followed by a couple of Bollywood numbers, signifying a perfect fusion between Indian culture and the culture from the west.

  • Drama

The drama at the talentine is an amazing platform for students who are passionate about acting. The theme for this year’s drama was the illegal act of “Dowry”. Even after being  abolished by law, in some parts of the country, still this tradition continuing. The students decided to take this topic in a comical fashion to create an impact on the audience.

  • Stand up Comedy

Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine. This year, at Talentine, students introduced this medicine to the audience. Students had a great mimic and comedian amongst them who in a hilarious way attracted attention of e audience.

  • Theme dance

The theme dance which was performed by the students was based on the recent tragedy that shook India. It was dedicated to the people who lost everything in recent Kerala floods. The highlight of the performance was how at the end, we Indians all came together to support our brothers and sisters in distress. The message  conveyed was that we should live in tandem with nature and if we harm it knowingly or unknowingly, we have to pay those debts right in this life. Message was also given to all that it is l time to save the earth.

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