Social Responsibility

It is the responsibility of every student as an individual, to be sensitive towards nation’s environmental and socio – economic problems. Business and society can co – exist peacefully only if we all believe in the doctrine of sustainable development. Our students are encouraged to actively organize and participate in tree plantation drives, anti plastic bag drive, vehicular pollution control and awareness programmes, medical support for the needy, etc. These activities form an integral part of the social responsibility initiatives at INDIRA. Indira also carried the democracy drive during PMC elections.

MBA- I year students are associated with 12 NGOs in Pune. Namely; Savli, Mother Terresa centre (one for girl child and one for senior citizens), Bal Vachak Chalval, Maitri Foundation, Connecting, Santulan, Wake Up Pune, The Ocean Savers of India, Practical Life Skills, Door Steps, Aapla Ghar.
A group of 15 students is associated with each NGO. They have one senior student and a faculty member associated with them for each NGO. They have started working with these NGOs from 31st July 2012 and will continue for next one year. They visit them 2 days in a week or even more as per the requirement of NGOs and time availability of students.

Students contribute for the cause of NGO in the form of either creating awareness, organising camps, conducting rally, entertaining Senior citizens, making presentations & report of their various activities, answering on help line, helping in conducting surveys of various kind, making children learn drawing, painting and other art forms, teaching them to play musical instruments, taking deprived and displaced children to school, fund raising activities, and so on.
All the efforts put in by the students are appreciated by them. We wish  ‘All the Best’ for their future en devours!

On valentine Day, Two Thousand Indiraites participated in the procession and demonstration on “Earth My Valentine Drive” focusing on global warming. INDIRA is also an active contributor to Vidyarthi Sahayak Samiti. Students of Indira have worked with several NGOs in Pune city on a continuous basis. They helped them for making reports, preparing presentations, market research or some ongoing follow-ups if required. This has helped them to understand the ground realities of life.

Another initiative was JAGO RE campaign undertaken by ‘Samarpan’ group of Indira in association with Young India. 1200 students got their registration done for their voting right. This campaign also made them aware about our constitution and the related issues. Indira believes that untiring communication is the key to not only dissemination of knowledge, but to ensure greater understanding of the mechanics and dynamics that share the world around us.

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