SCM Symposium 2018

Indira Management Symposium 2018

Supply Chain Management

February 3 – 4, 2018

Two days Indira Management Symposium on “Supply Chain Management” kick started with participants from Industry’s and Academia across Maharashtra.

 Indira Institute of Management, Pune. (IIMP) organized this event in association with Indian Institute of Materials Management, Pune and Global Technology (India) LLP on 3rd and 4th February’ 2018 in Tapasya Auditorium. Over 35 participants and 250 students of IIMP attended the event. This Symposium was sponsored by Serum Institute and Garware Wall Ropes, Pune.

The symposium started with a welcome note by Dr. Pandit Mali (Director – IIMP) and Prof. Chetan Wakalkar (Group Director, Indira Group of Institutes, Pune). Prof. Chetan emphasized that infrastructure is the key components of Logistics Industry and Rs. 6 lacs crores outlay was earmarked in the budget of 2018-19 for the infrastructure. Integrated logistics providing end – to end solutions to the industries and the growth of omni – channel retailing is emerging as a new trend in the logistics industry. He also mentioned that World Bank now releases logistics performance index every 2 years. India’s ranking was 54th in the year 2016 and now it is  35th in the world in the year 2018.

In the opening ceremony, chief guest Mr. Sanjay Kachare (Director – Operations) Kimberley Clarke spoke that 73% of the growth is brought from two countries viz India and China together. By 2025, 18 mega cities would be emerged as key centers for new product requirements, growth in urbanization from 31% to 38% (from year 2018 to 2025) led to need of logistics industry to be more competitive. He stressed upon the challenges faced by the logistics industry as first the mismatch in demand and supply of the products, secondly, shortages of skilled professional in the logistics industry and third the cost efficiency in the value chain. How the right value for money can be delivered through efficient supply chains. The supply chain should be faster, leaner and cheaper to deliver the products within 24 hours to the customers. Mr. Amit Borkar, Chairman, IIMM Pune discussed the benefits of collaboration in supply chain. It helps in supply chain risk and cost reduction, more visibility and improved customer satisfaction can be achieved through collaborations. The first half was ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. Pallavi Sajanapwar (HOD – MBA, IIMP).

Technical sessions started in the second half of the day.

First session was engaged by Mr. Sandeep Puri, Global Head, NBC Bearing Pune on the theme of “Auto Component SCM ecosystem for International OEMs”. 

The second session was taken by Ms. Swati Sehgal, Director and Country Head for Global Technology (India) LLP on the theme of “Challenges confronting automotive supply chains”.

Dr. Shamsher Singh – Professor and Acting Director   in the Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Professional Studies conducted the technical session on “Issues and Challenges in SCM of Agribusiness in India” before the tea break.

Mr. Ketan Gandhi – President and CEO of KgGuruji Consulting & Services took the session on “Value based supply chain management in Healthcare” with a case study on blood bank.

The last technical session of the day one was engaged by Mr. Manish Deoghare – Founding Partner, Chief Consultant AMD Management Consulting LLP on the theme of “Sustainable Supply Chains – A Value Creation Opportunity”.

The day’s activities got over with concluding remarks by Dr. Hima Gupta (Professor Operations & SCM, IIMP).

On second day of the symposium, a workshop on “Supply Chain Financing” was arranged by Prof Vinod Sople Dean – Research & Publication ITM-SIA Business School, Dombivali for the participants and faculty members.

Post tea break, a session by Jay Bharatheesh Simha Ph.D. Chief Technical Officer/Director (Analytics) – Abiba Systems, Bangalore, India was on the theme of “Supply Chain Analytics – The next frontier to conquer” enlightened the participants on the use of analytics in supply chain.

Post lunch a session was taken by Mr. Sandeep Dandekar – Executive Vice President, Procurement & Materials Management at Netmagic (an NTT Communications Company) on the theme of “Mutation in KRAs and Success Pedals”.

 The last technical session was conducted by Mr. Sukanta Padhy – Global Director Supply Chain at ATG tires Ltd on the theme of “Digital Supply Chain”.

The closing ceremony of symposium was graced by Chief Guest Dr. Rajpathak Shridhar Shrikrishna, Director – Garware Wall-ropes. In his keynote address, he discussed “SCM issues related to Sustainable Fishing”. Mr. Vinayak Dravid, Learning Facilitator, SCM, IIMP proposed vote of thanks.