Faculty Development Program

25th and 26th June 2016

Indira Institute of Management conducts Faculty Development Programme (FDP) every year where speakers are invited from Industry and Academics to our campus to share their knowledge and experiences. The basic purpose of these programmes is to develop faculty members gradually every year as per their need in career. We also carry faculty members out door in the lap of nature in an informal environment for team building, inner development, relaxation, learning through games etc.

This time the FDP was organized on June 25-26 2016 for 2 days at Asia Plateau; Panchgani. Asia Plateau is an international center since 1968 for the training of people from industry, education and other national sectors. Asia Plateau is a 68-acre campus situated at an altitude of 1,300 meters in Panchgani, just a 100 kms away from Pune. Asia Plateau is a part of Initiatives of Change which has been active for over 80 years. It grew out of the work of Frank Buchman (1878-1961), an American Lutheran minister. Buchman affirmed that there is a divine purpose for the world and everyone in it, and demonstrated the connection between faith and change in society. In the 1920s his work became known as the Oxford Group and in 1938 was named Moral Re-Armament. It changed its name to Initiatives of Change in 2001.

The theme for the Faculty Development Programme conducted at Asia Plateau was ‘Effective Living and Leadership.’  The purpose of this programme was to develop initiative of leadership by providing inputs for effective living and to encourage every member of team to find their unique contribution needed in the world of education. All sessions were participative and live examples, songs, films, group discussions and group work were the means of learning. Participants experienced the joy of working together on practical tasks. Abundant serenity and motivation due to natural environment at the location, set perfect ambience for further development and empowerment of faculty members. The contents offered by all the speakers were appreciated by the participants and they felt it will help them for further progress in their career.

Overall it was indeed, an enlightening experience. It enabled an introspection, self-renewal and encouraged everyone to take responsibility for relationships. Also, it inspired every individual to take initiatives to make a difference in personal and professional life.

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