Management Corner

Chairperson’s Message

Tarita MamDear Students

Pursuit of Management Education at Indira Group of Institute’s has been an inspiring journey. Being at the helm of endeavors at Indira I cannot help but imagine the possibilities the future holds for Management Education. The philosophy, governance and values of business are witnessing a sea change and plenty of its repercussions are already being witnessed across the globe. India cannot isolate itself from such dynamic global environment. This is the time to adopt the changes we perceive. Such dynamics should result in better professionalism, and the inherent strength of a competitive economy should become the sine qua non of our corporate existence.

Quality being the bottom line for every industry, Indira has never lost sight of the fact that for India to forge ahead in its drive towards economic supremacy in the world, it is the quality of our people who drive it that matters most. And quality, as the cliché goes, is never an accident but an article of faith. The Indira Group has proven itself on this count and has no intention of resting on its laurels.

The challenges of the global economy has not deterred us and at Indira we have redoubled our efforts to create just such managers ensuring that they are ready to take on the mantle for Corporate India in its march towards recovery. Our faith in education and our vision to nurture the skills of business leaders of tomorrow has enabled us to hone our students drive for creativity and innovation. Our keen perception of the dynamics of change in management education has always geared us to offer courses and pedagogy relevant for contemporary business needs.

With the confidence that our intentions have matched our efforts, I wish you the very best in the future.

Dr. Tarita Shankar
Chairperson – Indira Group of Institutes, Pune.

Group Director’s Message

Chetan SirDear Students

The ongoing slowdown in the Indian economy has affected the business climate within India. Even the growth rate of the major sectors like Power, Retail, IT and Technology is also experiencing the aftershocks of the global recession. The accompanying woes like a weakening rupee and stuck investments, rising inflation and interest rates are inevitably making the environment extremely competitive. However, as far as the immediate future is concerned, it is predicted that India is now on the way to recovery and will recover more rapidly than other countries.

Social media is playing an amazing role in pulling the business sector out from such a crisis. It has grown exponentially over the last few years and has impacted the industry- consumer interaction in multiple ways. Social media has had and is continuing to have a huge influence on business, encompassing customer relationship management, market research, cost control initiatives, sales and recruiting.

We at Indira understand this paradigm shift. Using the learning tools and the pedagogy used in classrooms, we not only entrench the domain knowledge but also emphasize the importance of integrating technology and social media for knowledge mobilization and running businesses successfully.

Our strong network of the alumni spread all over the globe, holding leading positions in industry and academia alike, are a testimony to the Indira’s focus of nurturing individual intelligence and the pursuit of excellence.

It is indeed a great pleasure to welcome you at Pune’s premier B- School- Indira School of Business studies.

Prof. Chetan S. Wakalkar
Group Director – Indira Group of Institutes, Pune.

Director’s Message

Mali sirThe last couple of years have proved that in the world of business, while growth gives you a level of satisfaction in performance, a decline can quickly become a tool of depression for the economy as well as the individual. While for the economy it is the concerted effort of the entire nation and the government, and the rest of the world in lifting the cycle of slowdown, in the case of the individual it is more likely a personal effort supported by other stakeholders in the individual like his dependants, family members, friends and employers etc.

Many believe and rightly too, that the calibrated liberalization of the Indian economy from the 1990s has actually been a key to India doing itself proud in this international economic fight. To me, it is the Indian psyche which is the creature of the Indian system and environment that always manages to upstage the adversities and challenges to come out victorious.

Educational institutions like the Indira Institute of Management Pune have played a key role in the shaping of the Indian psyche. From its inception in 1994, IIMP has been meeting the needs of India Inc. for management talent and our alumni have brought pride and glory to their alma mater by their disciplined and masterly performance in the face of challenges that we have discussed above. With each passing year, IIMP is adding value to its courses through additional infrastructure and intellectual capital in the form of highly talented faculty and mentors, resorting to the most modern teaching methods that make IIMP an institution of merit in the post graduate education scene in Pune.

Your search for a suitable management institution to meet your legitimate career aspirations ends at IIMP. Our students are our best ambassadors and we are proud of their achievements. For our part, IIMP is committed to providing the best to the students in all aspects of their stay with us, and even beyond.

I welcome you to the portals of IIMP and hope that you will very soon join the ranks of the hundreds of students who have passed through the gates of this venerable Institution and reap the benefits through better career options and building a more satisfying individual personality.

Dr. Pandit Mali
Director, Indira Institute of Management Pune.